2nd Grade 1992-93




 (Back Row) Mark O’Keefe, Ken Dixon, Greg Brown, Mark Ramsland, Matt Edgerton,

                    Chris Hook, Barry Brien

 (Front Row) Bruce Hort, Dave Deller, Allan Mahoney, Phil Wheeler




Played at Macquarie University Main Oval, North Ryde, 27th and 28th of March, 1993.

Match Drawn. Toss: Macquarie University, Captain: Allan Mahoney.


   Macquarie University     7-329     Greg Brown 68, Ken Dixon 67, Matt Edgerton 49, 
      Dave Deller 45 not out.
    Lindfield  did not bat  






Played at Macquarie University Main Oval, North Ryde, 20th and 21st of March, 1993.

Match Drawn. Toss: Macquarie University. Captain : Allan Mahoney.


   Macquarie University   8-415

   Ken Dixon 91, Mark O'Keefe 88, Matt Edgerton 56,

   Al Mahoney 55 

   Baulkham Hills   did not bat  






      A rematch of the previous season's Final between the two best teams in the competition with everything to play for! We won the toss and elected to bat. The same track that had been used in the semi-final was in use for this game. What followed was 200 overs of total dedication and concentration to the task at hand. Lindfield bowled very well, but it must be said, fielded poorly, they dropped a host of catches over both days. On day I we crawled to 4/172 off 110 overs. Bruce Hort went early after making (13), Matt Edgerton again displayed great poise and fighting spirit in making (49), Al Mahoney made (34), Mark O’Keeffe was disappointed to go cheaply. Greg Brown came to the crease at l:47pm, Ken Dixon at 3:02 p.m. Both were still there at stumps. On day two they batted on and on, both were still there at lunch. Dixon was dismissed at 2:l6 p.m. for (67), Brown shortly after for (68). It wasn’t pretty, but it was overwhelmingly effective. Your teammates are all grateful. Dave Deller came and made (45) not out. Mark Ramsland was exhausted from the tension and went for (4). Chris Hook was there at the end for (10) not out.

      With 20 overs scheduled to be bowled. Lindfield had had enough and we adjourned to the pavilion to savour the joy of a long-awaited premiership. Every one of us had some past disappointment to carry into the game and this was reflected in the commitment and discipline displayed over the two days of the Final. We now had something to treasure.





Captain Allan Mahoney with the S. J. Mayne trophy.