3rd Grade 1994-95




 (Back Row) Richard Mather, Paul Chew, Steve Bateman, Ben Bradley, Ashley Stanwell,

                    Simon Wolfe

 (Front Row) Graham Lego, Carlo Pedavoli, Phil Lenard, Ken Dixon, Bruce Hort, Damien Roberts




Match played at Weldon Oval, Warringah. 1st and 2nd of April, 1995.

Macquarie University won by 59 runs. Toss: Macquarie University Captain : Ken Dixon.


   Macquarie University   185   Graham Lego 51, Ken Dixon 34
   Roseville   126   Ken Dixon 4/34, Steve Bateman 3/30









Match played at Macquarie University Main  Oval, North Ryde. 25th and 26th of March, 1995.

Macquarie University won by 99 runs. Toss: Macquarie University Captain : Ken Dixon.


   Macquarie University              200      Paul Chew 36, Phil Lenard 32, Richard Mather 30
   Strathfield   101   Damien Roberts 3-29, Ken Dixon 2/16, Steve Bateman 2/23




      A very similar game to our semi-final. Scores of over 150 gave our bowlers a real chance. Graham Lego (51) batted for two and a half sessions and his innings was the difference between the two teams. Lego’s innings was slow, but his concentration was brilliant against a “talkative” opposition. Whilst a quicker scoring-rate has always been my preference for winning, the game situation justified the means. Ken Dixon scored (34), and Carlo Pedavoli (25) once again came to the rescue under pressure.

      Our bowlers, with Roseville well set at 0 for 44, were a little nervous but Steve Bateman with (3/30) dismissed both openers and Dixon (4/39) dismissed the middle-order. Pedavoli (1/25), Richard Mather (1/2) and Paul Chew, with a run-out, got the tail. Ben Bradley took one of the greatest catches you could ever see off Richard Mather!

      An unforgettable win!