1st Grade 1995-96


 (Back Row) Peter Saliba, David Budge, David Webb, Jamie Breden, Glen McFadden, Dave Deller

 (Front Row) Craig Edwards, Paul Notaras, Tony Monaghan, Warrick Folkard, Greg Brown




Played at Weldon Oval, Warringah, 5th and 6th April , 1996.

Macquarie University won by 120 runs. Toss: Macquarie University. Captain: Tony Monaghan


  Macquarie University         190      Tony Monaghan 60, Craig Edwards 38, Paul Notaras 31 and
    170   Paul Notaras 61 not out, Jamie Breden 31
  Holroyd      70   Dave Webb 5/26, Paul Notaras 4/33


Played at Acron Oval, Lindfield, 30th and 31st, March, 1996.

Macquarie University won by 32 runs. Toss: Macquarie University. Captain: Tony Monaghan.


 Macquarie University    145     Jamie Breden 43, Peter Saliba 23      and
  8-162   David Budge 48 not out, Paul Notaras 32
 Lindfield    113    Paul Notaras 5/46, Warrick Folkard 3/17.





      Macquarie won its tenth toss in a row and batted first on a grassy, hard deck and a slow outfield. Wickets fell... 1 for 3... 2 for 23... 3 for 56, with Linus McFadden making (23). Tony "Mono" and Paul "Nast" (31) put on 64. Mono should have  put away the "broom" for good - nothing positive came from it! Last season, he started the middle-order slide in the semi against Holroyd. This year at 3-120, he top-edged Mossy into his own chin for seven stitches. He went back out to bat at 6-166, Craig "Edo" (38) was still in, playing an immaculate line - missing it by a foot or smashing it off the middle for six. A tight single from Mono cut short Edo's likely 50.

      Mono (60) was the last man out with only a 190 on the board,and confidence not that high. But there still remained the Macquarie "twilight zone", that dreaded 22 overs for the opposition before stumps. The dressing room "goss" was that 2 or 3 for 40 would be great, we hoped...   5th over, 1 for 8, Webby to Crews, short-leg catch to "Toy" Breden. 8th over, 2 for 12, Nast to Jamieson for a feather to Linus. Patience, then suddenly three wickets fell in six balls! 12th over, Nast to Buffet a searing full-pitched delivery-plumb in front. 13th over, 4 for 26, Webby to James who defends his melon to Toy in close, who knocks it up and waits for it to come down - great catch! 13th over, Webby yorker to Kane and a second-ball visual feast-an off-stump  bouncing back to Linus, two stumps left beside a hole in the ground, and Webby's eyes, ears and arms tearing down the pitch at us, still giving us nightmares. 16th over, Webby to Mossy to Nast - and what a catch!! One-handed, between first and second slip, grass between the fingers and the ball in the palm of his hand. No premature celebrations this time -Yyeess!! Too much happening, too much to take in-couldn't do it- the season in one hour. It was too much - sensory overload!! 

      Day two and Curtis was still batting, no fat lady in sight. Nobody got any sleep, not even Edo as he drove back to Blackheath for some shut-eye. 3rd over, and the Curtis middle-stump was rocked back by Nast! What a sight! Another lbw, another close catch for Toy. We finished with Pete Saliba throwing to Linus for the run-out to stop the second run and win the comp. We celebrated for only a moment-120 runs ahead and 90-odd overs still to go, most aware that they beat us chasing a target during the competition round. There was no thought of making them follow on. 

      We batted on to grind them out of it, and at 3-35 were not looking all that comfortable, although our run-rate was great, 4-61 after 13 overs, with Toy  sent on his way for (31). Already their target looked a tough one.

      Nast was again the legend, batting through for (61 not out). He had a twenty-run partnership with just about everyone, until Wick stole Mono's second innings duck and threw his wicket away by smashing the ball into short-leg for the rebound catch. In fact, Budgie, Brownie and Dermie "threw their wickets away". After all Holroyd's time in the field, they caught brilliantly at the end. By that time though, we were 170 and out of reach with a 290 run lead.

      Nast was our most valuable player of the finals. He valued his wicket each time he batted and was "the man" who mastered the leggies. He took critical wickets and intimidated the opposition with his determination.

      They batted but it was futile, 290 required from 24 overs. It became a farce, their batting, Edo's catching but gave Brownie a chance for one more, Dermie for two more, Webby to further his record season, Toy to make five catches in the match and for Pete Saliba to take his first wicket for the club. He actually took the last wicket in both Holroyd's innings and Macquarie's last for the season.  The trophy was winking at us, we did our victory lap, we enjoyed a drink from it and then with the generous Holroyd blokes, and appreciated a fantastic season. We hit the casino, Mono's luck died with Brownie's money. Nast collapsed from exhaustion and we hit the pub and talked it over just once!

      Congratulations! First Grade Premiers!