Tim Creer Cup 2009-10



 (Back Row)   Jason Tabrett,, Sandeep Singh, Ashneil Singh, Greg Widders,

                       Adrian Widders, Dylan Ratnajarah, Bryan Thomas

  (Front Row)  Paul Chew, Paul Lamble, Adrian Lulka, Mayank Rasotra, Jono Wijayaratne





Played at Lance Hutchinson Oval, Canterbury, 27th March, 2010.

Macquarie University won by 3 wickets. Toss: Georges River, Captain: Adrian Lulka.



    Macquarie University            7-122         Jonathon Wijayaratne 33, Paul Lamble 21    
    Georges River       120   Jason Tabrett 3/25, Greg Widders 2/17, Adrian Lulka 2/24





Played at Tantallon Oval, Lane Cove, 20th of March, 2010.

Macquarie University won by 8 wickets. Toss: Macquarie University. Captain : Adrian Lulka.


    Macquarie University      2-125      Paul Chew 43 not out, Jonathon Wijayratne  34
    Lane Cove      6-122   Greg Widders 2/27




      So on to the big one! We returned to the scene of our last round escape act. It wouldn’t be fifth grade without a few dramas! Jono somehow forgot what time we were playing and Clifty made an emergency dash from work to get him to the ground, five minutes before we walked out!  Greg pulled up with a "dodgy back". Finally, we settled on the line-up and we went into the big one unchanged. This game followed a similar path to the past few weeks with the ball dominating the bat with some great early spells from Sandeep, Adrian, Tabby and Greg. The skipper and Mayank then cashed in late in the innings to keep the River boys to 120.

      As always happens in Grand Finals, the match still had a few twists to go. At 3 for 9 we were looking down the barrel. Dilan then joined Jono and steadied the ship. Paul Lamble was then dropped first ball. Not quite a Steve Waugh moment but it was close! Next time ask which way the ball is moving! A quick cameo from Sandeep saw us get close and Jono nearly carried his bat, not bad after nearly not turning up! The skip and Tabby then saw us home in a very tight but enjoyable final!





Aidrian Widders steaming in. He took 1/23 in the final.



The opening salvos are fired.




Greg Widders in the opening overs.




Greg Widders took 2/17.




Greg Widders in action in the final.