Date of Event : Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:59AM

Dear Members, 
Our major fund raiser this season will be selling radio ear pieces at a number of Australia’s games at the SCG.  Radio Ears enhance the patron's experience at the game as they can listen to the live commentary without having to bring their own radio to the ground.

We get a donation for each set of “Radio Ears” we sell.  Last year we raised $4k but our aim this year is to reach $10K !   Fund raising is an ideal way to bond as a group – and money raised helps keep our fees low (and this year will help us buy new covers for the Uni ovals !!)
All you have to do is walk around the SCG selling the product for about an hour per shift (depending on the number of volunteers!).  You also get free entry into the ground (so once your commitment is completed, you can go in and watch the rest of the days play!)  This is a fantastic opportunity given most of the public tickets to these games are already sold out  and the product  literally sells itself!
As some days play fall on Saturdays this opportunity is also is open to wives, girlfriends, tinder hook-ups and any friends and family who'd like to watch some live cricket this summer at the hallowed G….all they have to do is sell some Radio Ears.
Here is the list of games for which we need volunteers each day:
a.     Sydney Test Match January 4th-8th, 
b.   the ODI Sunday January 21st and 
c.   the T20 on Saturday 3rd February. 
As an added incentive, the person who sells the most radio ears throughout the season will be awarded a $200 cash prize at the MUCC annual dinner at the end of the season!
Also, to make it even more interesting,  if MUCC makes the target of $10k profit,  the president and Clifty will be putting their cards behind the bar at the Ranch after a Saturday at a TBC date. 
This is an incredibly important fundraiser for the club and as such I'd like to see as many Warriors as possible help out.   If you are interested, please contact me ASAP so we can work on the roster!
Special thanks also to MUCC Member and GM SoundDec Australia Dave Deller for providing us with us this funding raising opportunity !  Well done Dave !!
The President

Last updated: Monday October 16, 2017 7:01AM
Author: Tim French