Graham Lego
Date of Event Macquarie University Cricket Club: Mon May 27, 2019 11:14AM

Please see below from Life Member Graham Lego.


Dear Members,


I would like to express how honoured and proud I am to become a Life Member of Macquarie University Cricket Club. I would again like to thank the Club for conferring this on me at last night’s Presentation Night.


I would also like to thank Warrick Folkard for his entertaining assessment of my career at MUCC.
Graham Lego


PS On reflection I believe I should have responded to a number of the points Wick made.
The Bexley player who gave me a lift home after being deserted by my team mates at the end of that spiteful match was Geoff Armstrong, the player who had been flattened, by me, while fielding in close. His gesture however was not as magnanimous as it seems, as he dropped me at Strathfield Station to catch the train to Epping – I later learnt he lived at Eastwood!
We managed to draw this match 9 out, with Edo and I batting out the last few overs after he had been given not out by Brian Jones after “cutting the ball in two.” I heard the nick, as did all of Bexley … and I mean the suburb, not the team, which resulted in Macquarie packing up early and vacating the ground before I’d even got changed.


While it is true I dropped a catch off Brownie which cost him a pewter, I think the context has never been made clear. In this game against Warringah at Weldon, we had played on well past 6 o’clock and the light was fading fast. To this day I believe I only got my hands to the catch because a passing car had shone its headlight on the ball in mid-flight!


The portrait of Doug Walters, which Myles was successful in bidding on, shows the scoreboard at the SCG with 242 against his name – Walters that is, not Myles. This was in the 5th Test against the West Indies in Sydney in 1969. It was also the first test match my dad took me to at the age of 8! Myles has kindly offered me this picture for my Christmas present!


My father Keith was indeed a very hard player, probably in the mould of Douglas Jardine. He played at Epping where he achieved great success winning 3 premierships in 6 years as 2nd Grade Captain. He taught me the usual valuable lessons of batting such as being patient, making the bowler bowl to you and valuing your wicket. He also gave me this advice that if ever I wanted to score runs I was not to mow the lawn on a Saturday morning, as this somehow upsets your timing, and I was not to engage in amorous activities as this presumably also upset your timing, or more likely left you feeling shagged. Well I’ve managed to prove him half wrong, and one of these days I’m going to mow the lawn and prove him completely wrong!

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Author: Simon Fairlie