Although a small club, the MUCCi is able to offer members access to a wide range of motor sport activity, either as competitors or part of event organization.

Members can participate in motor sport events such as:

  • Rallies
  • Motorkhanas
  • Autocrosses
  • Circuit Sprints
  • Circuit Races
  • Social Motor Sport

If you are interested in any branch of motor sport mentioned above, then membership of a Car Club is for you. As a member of the MUCC you will get invites to join in the activities of numerous Car Clubs. Membership of MUCC costs only $18 for students at any educational institution [except RMIT who have their own Car Club!], so if you have friends elsewhere they can sign up as well. It is only $25 to join when you no longer attend an institution. Membership of MUCC automatically makes you a member of the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS), Australia’s largest motorsporting body. For more information, go to

To join MUCC fill out our online Membership Application Form